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Half-sleeve shirt, non-iron, Comfort Fit.

Half-sleeve shirt, non-iron, Comfort Fit.


  • Comfortable cut


  • Half-sleeve shirt with classic Kent collar
  • Integrated collar stays for the perfect fit
  • Breast pocket with embroidered logo on the left
  • Luxurious mother-of-pearl design buttons
  • Straight cut with very slight tailoring for a comfortable fit
  • Longer torso for the perfect fit
  • Naturally wash & wear and permanently self-smoothing
  • A fantastic moisture wicking effect ensures comfort for the wearer on hot summer days
  • Two-year-guarantee of the fabric and finish


  • Outer fabric: 100% cotton
  • Machine-washable at 40° on a delicates cycle
Manufacturer number: 1100-00

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In 1863, the Hönigsberg brothers founded a textile fabric in Vienna, Austria, which produced many articles including the "eterna" semi-rigid collar. From the very start, the firm's philosophy was simple: to use only the best-quality fabrics and materials. Eterna had its breakthrough moment in 1981 with the debut of its non-ironing Excellent Programme. Eterna Excellent stands for the best non-ironing, wash & wear cotton quality, which is exclusively produced for the brand in Switzerland. Through continued innovation, Eterna has meanwhile become the leading brand in wash & wear shirts. The Eterna tie collection has been created in accordance with the highest standards, and uses exclusively pure silk quality fabrics. The ties feature Eterna linings and include a Passantino or keeper loop.